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The First Preparatory Webinar of GFHS 2021 Calls for Stronger Actions towards Healthy, Resilient, and Carbon-Neutral Cities
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The First Preparatory Webinar


The 16th Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements

Theme: International Green Model City Initiative -
Call for Stronger Actions Towards Healthy, Resilient, and Carbon-Neutral Cities

9a.m – 11:30a.m, Central European Time,
January 15, 2021

Format: Virtual Meeting + Live Streaming

Language: English and Chinese

Background and Objectives

2020 is an extraordinary year in the history of human development. Whether or not we can achieve green recovery and zero-carbon revolution in cities has an important bearing on the future of human destiny and decides whether battle for sustainable development will be won or lost. An increasing number of countries, regions and cities have made solemn commitments to achieve carbon neutrality and make concerted efforts in creating a sustainable future. Confronted with the current and future multiple crises and challenges, how can cities make a breakthrough to achieve a healthy, resilient and carbon-neutral urban future?

As a low-carbon green city global action plan, International Green Model City (IGMC) Initiative provides technical tools and action guidelines for sustainable urban planning, and zero-waste and zero-emission green development. With the strong support of international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme and relevant national and local governments, the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) launched the IGMC Initiative at the United Nations Headquarters in 2011, aiming to inspire forward-looking governments, investors, and enterprises to join efforts in making cities safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable, and promoting sustainable urbanization across the world. 

IGMC global network consists of partner cities, economic zones, industrial parks, as well as enterprises, including some 40 well-known municipal governments and companies. IGMC Initiative has established an effective network for sharing knowledge and experience, and strengthening mutual cooperation, playing an increasingly important role in building lasting partnerships and accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the New Urban Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Those who keep up their efforts often achieve their goal; and those who keep on walking often reach their destination. 2021 will be the year of green transformation, and will also be the year of a global action towards carbon neutrality. Only by taking sustained and vigorous actions can cities achieve a green transformation, enable innovation, and ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for present and future generations. In this context, the First Preparatory Webinar of the 16th Global Forum on Human Settlements will be taking place on January 15, 2021, to address the theme "International Green Model City Initiative: Call for Stronger Actions Towards Healthy, Resilient, and Carbon-Neutral Cities".

Well-known experts, local government officials, and business representatives will be giving technical presentations and joining discussions on how to scale up sustainable urban development practices and innovation. Through the webinar, experts will share the progress of IGMC Initiative, and the strategies, approaches and tools the IGMC Standards provide for promoting healthy, resilient, and carbon-neutral cities and, at the same time present advanced knowledge and success cases on urban planning, design and development, bringing policy recommendations and solutions for local governments, institutional investors and concerned stakeholders. The webinar also calls for stronger actions and closer partnerships for the purpose of boosting urban health, resilience, inclusiveness and sustainability, and reaching carbon neutrality in a joint endeavour.

Invited speakers
1. Haifeng Lu, Secretary General of Global Forum on Human Settlements, President of Sustainable City Committee, China Research Society for Urban Development
2. Dr. Elena Manaenkova, Deputy Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization
3. Franz Gatzweiler, Executive Director, International Science Council Programme on A Systems Approach to Urban Health and Wellbeing
4. Dr. Kelly Wang, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Division, Country Garden Group
5. Chang Hao, Vice General Manager, Huadian Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd.
6.  Alex Camprubi, Senior Advisor for Fundacion Metropoli Spain, Senior Architect, Planner, Landscape Designer, Planning and Design Commission Member at Global Forum on Human Settlements
7.  Zhang Yin, Vice President, Shanghai Branch, China Academy of Building Research
8.  IGMC Partners

Key topics

1. International Green Model City Initiative and Standards

2. Sustainable urban development trend and strategy in post-pandemic era

3. Circular economy and carbon neutral cities

4. Integrated health and urban environmental services for resilient cities

5. Enhancing systems intelligence for urban health and wellbeing

6. Sustainable spatial planning and development

7. City-industry integration for sustainable urban development

8. Distributed energy technology and development

Targeted participants

Senior representatives of international organizations, senior government officials, well-known experts and scholars, IGMC Initiative partners, representatives from the sector of planning and design, environmental protection, construction, energy, transportation, and circular economy, among others.


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