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International Green Model City (IGMC) Investment & Management Company

IGMC Company is an innovative enterprise with the mission of promoting and implementing the Initiative of "International Green Model City" in China. It has a high level of expert team from home and abroad, which will help greatly develop green low-carbon cities, and advance green economy particularly through sustainable eco-tourism.


IGMC Company is in close and all-round partnership with Canopy Tours Inc. from the United States, and has brought in the relevant advanced technology, planning and design talents and management expertise on adventure tours including zipline, canopy tours, etc, thereby providing tailor-made eco-adventure tourism planning and construction as well as technical advisory services.


Major projects include zipline, canopies, climate and environment theaters, ecological experiences and a variety of outdoor adventure experience. It is also specializing in making customized projects in line with local conditions, natural geography and cultural characteristics.

GFHS Secretary General Lu Haifeng Experiencing the Zipline

Canopy Tours Inc.


Canopy Tours Inc., with over 30 years of experience of creating sustainable ecotourism around the world specializes in consulting, designing, constructing and the operations of ecotourism attractions globally. Since 1986, it has designed more than 2,000 aerial cable projects. All of their tours are rated “#1 Thing to do” in their market segment. Over one million customers have safely enjoyed their interactive adventure based attractions worldwide. It has been covered by global mainstream media.

The longest, highest and fastest zipline in North America

Flying over the snow mountain
Experience at night
Flying in the fog
Lady Gaga
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Family Experience

Aerial Walkways, Bridges, and Platforms

Education & Eco/Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Environmental conservation

Studying environment

Not a passive experience

Not an amusement park

Interaction between guides & customers

Ideal educational opportunity

Surround and immerse the participant with the subject matter.

Perfect vehicle to effectively educate

Inspire participants on a wide range of subjects

Creating an experience that they will remember for a lifetime

Low environmental impact

Customer Reaction and Popularity

We are the #1 rated attraction everywhere

Fastest growing form of Eco-Tourism

Fun outdoor activities for the entire family

Destination & Sustainable Tourism

Interactive, adventurous, engaging, & exhilarating

International Green Model City (IGMC) Investment & Management Company
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