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The Fifth Global Forum on Human Settlements
Water and Human Settlements in the 21st Century

November 7-9, 2009

Venue: Wuxi, China

I. Organization:
Host: Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) 
the People’s Government of Wuxi Municipality
Contractor: Relevant Departments of Wuxi Municipality,
Shenzhen J. Show United exhibition Co., Ltd

II. Main Contents of the Meeting
1. Exchange and share the advanced technology and successful experience modes in the utilization and management of water resources in the 21st century the world over; rediscover the immense significance of water to human settlements as well human society; further arouse the awareness of water cherishing and saving; increase the strength of water pollution prevention and promote the international cooperation in the field; push forward the national Project of Wuxi Taihu Lake Recovery; raise the construction level of China’s sustainable human settlements and promote the realization of the seventh section of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

2. Publish “Wuxi Declaration of Water and Human Settlements in the 21st Century”. 

3. Make an on-the-spot investigation of the successful cases of Water Pollution Recovery, water saving and human settlements construction in Wuxi, publicize and share the achievements and experience of Wuxi’s construction of ecological civilization and amenity city. 

4. Conduct Global Human Settlements Awards activities; award the cities, organizations, communities, projects, enterprises and individuals who have made contributions to water saving and sustainable human settlements construction.

5. Hold “Alarm and Action” English version Launching Ceremony.

6. Co-sponsor China (Wuxi) Water Saving and Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition (or Water Exhibition for short)

7. Plant “Eco-Forestry of the Fifth Global Forum on Human Settlements” by the Taihu beach, etc.