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The Second Global Forum on Human Settlements

Global Cooperation on Constructing Green Human Settlements

TIME: As a follow-up to the first two conferences held in Shenzhen on human settlements, the second conference was held in Shenzhen from July 30-31, 2006, consisting of one day of panels and break-out sessions, and one day of field trips.

RATIONALE: The purpose of this global conference are: to highlight sustainable solutions to environmental problems encountered in the urban setting, to share experience and knowledge in this area including the role of governments, civil societies and private sector, the role of ITC, and to spend one day in field trips, and to issue the Shenzhen Declaration on Sustainable Human Settlements for China in the 21st Century.

PRESENTERS: The conference include presentations by experts in urban and regional planning from government and non-government organizations, and include presentations by young technopreneurs, urban planners, architects, academics, government officials, local authorities and mayors, leaders of the SEPA and officials of relevant ministries, along with officials from the United Nations.

RELATED ACTIVITIES: An exhibition of technologies that was proved to be useful in urban design which could solve issues surrounding water usage and emergency preparedness were available to conference participants. The integration of cutting edge thinking along with presentations on “bridging the generations” was included in the deliberations.

The conference devoted to field trips to visit outstanding examples of the built environment that respect nature and help to achieved the Millennium Development Goals.

A gala dinner was held after the conference, at which some outstanding examples of the use of knowledge to create sustainable urban settings as the basis for societal harmony has been acknowledged.

RESULTS: The conference secretariat integrated ideas present into the Shenzhen Declaration, a visionary document that served to point the way forward for urban planners and government officials as China takes a place of prominence in urban issues that has been in the forefront at the time of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

ORGANIZERS: The conference was organized in close cooperation with the UNDESA (Knowledge Management Branch), the Friends of United Nation, the Organizing Committee of the China City Construction and Development Expo (CCDE), Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) and the Shenzhen J-Show United Exhibition Co., Ltd.

AUDIENCE: This conference aimed at urban design professionals, architects, academics, environmental protection officials, real estate developers, executives from the construction industry, internationals NGOs, and media representatives.

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